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Interactive & Engaging Websites (2009)

Nonprofit / NGO

Website Good Practices
Action Center Clean design, clear structure and messaging, compelling
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Clean, corporate feel; stories, great quotes, images, etc.
Club Penguin Children's site, icons/images, interactive, playful, inviting, community, diverse languages
Conservation International Emotional connection, great use of images, celebrity endorsements, powerful and memorable
International Women's Media Foundation Blog-style, a bit busy, but clear focus on women, the NGO, joining other women, relevancy and regular updates
Just Cause It Clean 3-column layout, people- and theme-centric; causes, communities, spotlight on blogs and members
Local Food Systems A site for building, networking and collaborating locally, regionally and nationally
Hastac Something for everyone; hip, relevant (a bit busy)
Kiva Strong fundraising focus; very people and community-centric, interactive
Living and Loving with HIV in Jamaica Full-screen images (great photos) videos, music, movement to action
Nature Conservancy Corporate umbrella website blends campaigns; donations and merchandising; visual map of activities; call to action; opportunities for contribution, participation and meaningful involvement
NetSquared Community-oriented, great resources, community support
Outward Bound Action, involvement, community, good use of colour / structure
Oxfam People- and cause-oriented, community-supported; visual map; merchandising and donations; call to action (easy to get involved); about us; all-around engaging site
Pulitzer Centre on Crisis Reporting Blog-based, everything in one place (Design is not inspiring though)
Rock the Vote Clear messaging, call to action, appeal to young people
Smart History Timeline, community development and images/videos
1000 Awesome Things Good example of a cleanly designed, effective and memorable blog


Website Good Practices
BBC News High traffic news site, by geographic region and theme; frequently-updated; very useful resource and information 'channel'
Beck's Beer Engaging, interactive, clean design
Colour Lovers Visually-engaging, useful, community-inspired
E-Online Canada Website headers and content written in language of audience; hip, relevant and regularly-updated; big accessible photos; community; gossip/chatter; videos (i.e., content you will want to talk about at the office water cooler, or with your friends)
Escapist Magazine Games-focused magazine; something for everyone, regular updates, strong sense of community, eclectic interests, fast-paced
NHL Games & Entertainment, lots of interaction
Pantone Clean, minimalist, professional-looking design
People Timely, relevant updates, stories
Sundance Channel Ideas for OneChange as a 'channel' of environmental change information, empowerment and mobilization