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Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg

Action Items

  • summary report, with themes and recommendations
  • RFP development -- Green-Tick.svg
  • consult board (survey monkey)
  • Lise
  • consult external stakeholders
  • Regis Group


  • RFP - draft RFP done
  • Themes and Recommendations (internal consultations done)
  • incorporate Eric's feedback
  • specific feedback


  • rate the clarity of current website
  • as a volunteer, what would be the three (3) most useful improvements?
  • as a staffer, -- same
  • as a funder, -- same
  • what constitutes success?
  • what is the most immediate priority (0-6 months)?


  1. map of neighbourhoods and campaigns would be useful
  • crowdsourcing models
  • staff bandwidth, learning, skill development

• Nice to Have:

  • integration with Raiser's edge:
  • Solutions integrate with the db
    • user login, push different content to the website; depending on the role and security rights of the users

• 2-way communication

    • Most standard websites gather info
    • You will login – backend DB recognizes;… login for donations, register for an event
    • BB – actually linked to DB
    • the DB will then recognize me, because I’m a Board Member
    • Recognize what my giving history is  minimum options, can change content of page, based on what I’ve identified role as, as well as activity level
  • Volunteer opportunities – person moves, and by updating address information, the DB recognizes that I’ve come into another region
  • Website will gather information from the user, but also push back info to personalize the experience…
  • if you’ve got a website hosted,
  • address and credit card information…. Very rarely can you push that communication back and forth…