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Website RFP

Evaluate Other Sites

Blurb about OC

  • community based social marketing company

Blurb about Campaigns

  • neighbours helping neighbours


as part of its strategy to

  • navigable, clear and focused content, colours, messaging
  • incorporate maps
  • easy migration path from Project Porchlight to OneChange Corporate website
  • integrate campaign-based sites into a single corporate website and identity
  • scalable - in that it can accommodate future campaigns
  • clear understanding of the relationship with OneChange Systems
  • development and/or provision of integrated tools allowing immersive experiences emanating from our campaigns
  • integrate with existing technology and platforms (i.e., DBX)
  • iterative design, development and (prototype) review process
  • incorporate latest technologies, expandable, iPhone, Mobiles, etc.
  • Community Development etc.
  • Strategic alignment, etc.