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Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg

Facilitating Conversations & Feedback

As part of this project, you are subscribed to a threaded Discussion Forum - (a better communications alternative than email).

To help this Discussion Forum work well, consider yourself as a facilitator: for example, when you read a colleague's post, think about how you can add your perspective to the conversation, and facilitate further dialogue and sharing...

An effective facilitation technique is to respond to a single idea within a post by sharing your experience.

  • This can take the form of a mini-case study (i.e., situation / context; problem/challenge; solution and measurable results).
  • Then ask 1 or 2 probing questions to the individual and the group.
  • It is OK to also CC the specific individual you want answers from.

Facilitation is both a practice and a skill that can really help the group share good ideas and quality conversations. It can also help strengthen the group's focus and serve as a valuable resource over time.

Please observe and reflect on these ideas, and respond to me with your comments / feedback please.

Best regards,

- Randy

PS. You can post your comments directly to the the Discussion Forum. Simply send an email to: onechange AT googlegroups DOT com