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Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg
  • OERU volunteers - see who else has volunteered and what they would like to work on.
OERu 2011 volunteering Planning Practice
OERu Vision, logic model, project planning Project coordination, outreach, fundraising, friend raising
Volunteer coordination Projects, programs, introduction Educator support
OERs, curriculum Content, resources development OER reviews, tutoring

Volunteer opportunities, project ideas

This is a work in progress. Please join in. Make suggestions. Participate in building out this important component of OERu. We are counting on the generosity you and other educators committed to open education to identify the needs and implement solutions.

Note - many of the topics listed in these outlines link to separate project or program pages. Follow the links for further information about each project or program.

OERu planning

Project pages have been set up for these initial volunteer projects. More will be added as outlines and project development requirements are defined.

OERu management

  • Funding/budget
  • Tech Support
  • Publicity
  • Accreditation/Univ. Relationships
  • Policy
  • Administration

OERu volunteer coordination, organization and administration

Some tasks that need to be undertaken to prepare for directing volunteers to projects where their talents can be put to good use

Volunteer projects

  • Project coordination - organization, tasks, outreach
  • objectives / outcomes - what needs to be done, how to do it
  • opportunities - signup, instructions, oversight, support
  • followup - thank you, promote results / products
  • teaching, training - why.., what to.., how to..
  • facilitating - workshops, discussions, forums
  • networking, promotion, publicity

Educator support

  • educator training
  • tutoring
  • educator support

OERu content development and publication

  • build to order - content on demand
  • expand - external resources to compliment OERs
  • Research - assessment, curriculum

OERu content reuse, remix

Volunteer opportunities and suggestions for project work that can start quickly and will be of value and service to the OERu community

  • reviews - OERu criteria, reviewer criteria, "form" with categories, tags, automated cross-reference, directory / library, RSS feeds
  • curation - selection, themes, sequences
  • tutoring
  • educator support

Work in progress

Volunteers are invited to add to these ideas, expand on them and develop actual projects that they and others can work on immediately.

If you see something that you might like to work on in any of the lists on this page but that doesn't have much direction, feel free to suggest some options or indicate that you would like help with developing the project further.

Some other opportunities that can be further defined include:

  • Funding/budget
  • Tech Support
  • Curriculum Development/Instructors
  • Publicity
  • Accreditation/Univ. Relationships
  • Policy
  • Administration

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