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Volunteer coordination, organization and administration
- tasks to prepare for directing OERu volunteers to projects where their talents, resources and time can be put to good use

Volunteer projects

  • coordination - organization, tasks, outreach
  • objectives / outcomes - what needs to be done, how to do it
  • opportunities - signup, instructions, oversight, support
  • followup - thank you, promote results / products
  • teaching, training - why.., what to.., how to..
  • facilitating - workshops, discussions, forums
  • networking, promotion, publicity

Project process

  • suggestions, needs, selection, prioritization
  • coordinator - project leadership, sponsorship
  • user, client, beneficiaries
  • project definition - objectives, outcomes, scope, phases
  • volunteer opportunities - work, skills, support
  • management - progress monitoring, checkpoints, feedback
  • implementation, promotion
  • end of life - reflection, lessons learned, followup

Data collection

Registry of Volunteer Faculties

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Title (Mr./Ms./Dr./Prof. etc)
  • Organization
  • Role
  • Interested Area(s) as per logic model ... choose one or more initiatives from the Core initiatives of the logic model as seen on the OER university page
  • Interested topic(s) for open student support
  • Volunteer time offered

OERu requests for volunteer service

  • Request No.
  • Description of the OERu activity for which volunteer service is required
  • Number of volunteers required
  • Anticipated duration of the work
  • Proposed start date
  • Proposed end date
  • Initiative owner's contact info

Learn more...

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  • community leadership, community engagement
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