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Instructions and conventions

Please follow these conventions:

  1. Navigation templates for OERu courses should be transcluded from a sub-page of the relevant OERu course unit.
  2. The subpage for the navigation template should be prefaced with an underscore (_) to distinguish this from ordinary content pages, for example:
  3. The wiki boilerplate text below used to create a navigation template is saved on the _Nav sub-page.
  4. To transclude the navigation template from the subpage within the relevant sub-pages of the unit, put a colon (:) in front of the page name contained withing two curly brackets, for example {{:Course/Name_of_Unit/_Nav}} representing the page where the navigation template is stored for transclusion.
  • For example the wiki text: {{:AST1000/Introducing_Asia_and_the_Pacific/_Nav}} transcludes the navigation template on this sub-page to each of the target page(s) using the wiki text {{:AST1000/Introducing_Asia_and_the_Pacific/_Nav}} on the target page.

Wiki boilerplate text for OERu navigation template

These instructions assume the following nomenclature for the sub-components of an OERu course:

  • Course --> Unit --> Section --> sub-section
  • Step 1: Copy all the text contained in the grey box below and paste this on the sub-page you are using to create and transclude the navigation template (e.g. Remember to save your page.
  • Step 2: Replace the green text highlighted below with the relevant wiki page urls for your course. Tip: open this window in a new tab to view what text needs to be changed.


|state = iframe

|title = [[Course_homepage|Link Display text (#Hashtag)]]

|image =

|above = [[Course_homepage/Name_of_Unit|Link Display text for the Unit]]

|topic1 = <font color=green>Name of section</font>

|section1 = [[Course_homepage/Name_of_section/First_sub-section|Display text for first subsection]] {{vbar}} [[Course_homepage/Name_of_section/Second_sub-section|Display text for second subsection]] {{vbar}} [[Course_homepage/Name_of_section/Third_sub-section|Display text for third subsection]] {{vbar}} [[Course_homepage/Name_of_section/Fourth_sub-section|Display text for fourth subsection]] {{vbar}} [[Course_homepage/Name_of_section/Fifth_sub-section|Display text for fifth subsection]]

|below = [[Course_homepage/StudyDesk|StudyDesk]] {{vbar}} [[OERu/Learner support|OERu learner support]]

|note = [[Course_homepage/Name_of_unit/Copyright|Copyright]]

{{ShortTitle}}<includeonly>[[Category:Course_code|{{SUBPAGENAME}}]] </includeonly> <noinclude> [[Category:Course_code|τ]] </noinclude>


  • Inserting the following syntax on the target OERu course page will transclude the navigation template from the navigation sub-page on every page it is used.

It will display as follows in the published view: