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Outdated page. Help resources now replaced by DS4OER course materials.

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Key points

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  • Scan WikiEducator pages for ideas, for example, the OER, Copyright and Creative Commons tutorials. If you see a feature you like, open the page in the edit view, copy the relevant wiki text and paste into your target page. Save and replace with your new text.
  • We are a community. If you get stuck, post your question on one of the OERu lists or the main WikiEducator list. Remember to include the url of the relevant page so a community member can help you.
  • The best way to improve your wiki skills is to edit in the wiki. You can't learn how to swim if you don't get your feet wet.

Source wiki text for OERu course features

Where boilerplate text is supplied, simply go to the relevant link and copy the wiki syntax for your target page.

Feature Help resources Boilerplate wiki text
Layout for course homepage


Wiki text for OERu course homepage
Pedagogical templates (eg. Activities)

(Objectives and Activity examples)

Wiki text for pedagogical templates
Navigation template for course homepage

(AST1000 course navigation example)

Wiki text for course guide navigation template
Navigation template for course guide

(AST1000 course guide example)

Wiki text for course guide navigation template
Navigation template for units and sections

(AST1000 example)

Wiki text for navigation template used for units and sections
Multi-choice quiz widget

(True-false example)
(CC Remix game example)

Wiki text for quiz
Ask OERu


  • The Ask OERu template is used as a signpost to remind OERu learners of our community question and answer forum.
  • The template contains embedded links to the support tutorial on how to use this community-based question and answer forum.
Wiki text for Ask OERu template