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Instructions and conventions

The course navigation template is the high level navigation used for the major structural components of an OERu course in WikiEducator. The course navigation includes the following components as illustrated by the AST1000 course example:

Please follow these conventions:

  • Step 1 # Copy the wiki boilerplate text below to create a navigation template and save it in the template namespace, for example:
    • The course navigation template is usually created and stored in the template namespace, for example where "AST1000_Nav" is the name given to the template for your course. This is the source page for transcluding the course navigation template onto the relevant subpages.
  • Step 2 Substitute the boilerplate text with your course specific details and page links. Save the template.
  • Step 3 To transclude the navigation template from the template namespace on each of the course subpages (eg, home page, course guide, StudyDesk). Insert the name of the template between two curly brackets, for example: {{CourseName_Nav}} representing the page where the navigation template is stored for transclusion. For example, in the case of the AST1000 course navigation template, the following syntax is used {{AST1000_Nav}}. This will render as follows:

Wiki boilerplate text for OERu navigation template

  • Step 1: Copy all the text contained in the grey box below and paste this on to a new template in the template namespace, eg. Remember to save your page.
  • Step 2: Replace the green text highlighted below with the relevant wiki page urls for your course. Tip: open this window in a new tab to view what text needs to be changed.


|image =

|title = [[CourseHomepage|Full title of course goes here]]

|tagline = #{{:CourseHomepage/Tag}} - An [[OERu]] course

|pages = [[CourseHomepage|Home]] {{vbar}} [[CourseHomepage/Course_guide/Introduction|Course guide]] {{vbar}} [[CourseHomepage/StudyDesk|StudyDesk]] {{vbar}} [[CourseHomepage/FAQs|FAQs]]


[[Category:Full title of course goes here|{{PAGENAME}}]]
<noinclude> [[Category:Full title of course goes here|τ]]