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Ideas for a wiki project

The best way to experience the wiki is to start your own wiki project, or to join one of the existing projects in the wiki. We recommend choosing something that is of interest to you and likely to be of use in your own situation. Review the short reflection and video examples for identifying a mini wiki project. Some options may include:

Brad Williamson

I have set up the Aotea College OER page and I am planning to start sharing a project I have started in our College called Making Connections - The Resilience Project. This is an example of a strengths based, collective action, health promotion we have started. I will outline the process we are going through to make this happen.

(Comment.gif: Hi Brad, Wow that was fast :-). Looking forward to learning more about Making connections - The resilience project - -Would this involve collaboration with other schools or members of the community? --Wayne Mackintosh 21:21, 23 May 2010 (UTC))
Hopefully. I am very excited about this new project that another teacher and I are working on. It is cross-curricular so there is collaboration within our school at the moment but we are openly sharing this approach through our school web page (soon), conferences and would welcome another school coming on board and trying to do something with us. I made the link to Resilience in wikipedia and then found the science definition but not the social definition, although there was a small of it as a term used by psychologists. The same for Health Promotion models. I have removed the links to wikipedia but may update them at some stage. We use the term regularly in Health Education.The exciting the about a strengths-based approach (resilience approach) is that we can build on all of our schools existing strengths to help build resilience of the school community and hopefully beyond the school walls. Brad Williamson

Tanya (2) Thorogood

I am looking to take care of both my passion and my time constraints at the same time here...

I want to create a Wiki (in collaboration with a cluster of colleagues) that can enable teachers to 'identify, support and remediate dyslexia indicators in secondary students.' (Timely and all that.)

Over the years I have created a large number of resources in the past that are frolicking around on my external hard drive that have been translated to specific interest group, whole school and National Conference PD sessions via live presentations, paper copy, Powerpoints and shared files on various school intranets and disparate websites.

To have a Wiki could be so much more effective. It may remove the 'top-down' feeling that whole school and 'expert' PD often has...allowing other educators to feed back in with external and internal resources that connect with and extend or reflect on the suggestions of the original skeleton and intention of this Wiki. 

Thoughts please???

Steph Campbell

My aim in joining up for this online course was to access information, ideas, stuff........ inspiration.

Inspiration and information for me come hand in hand. I work at a small school and often feel like I am missing out on the world due to not engaging in conversation with a wide range of people who are keen to make their teaching match the needs of the learners in this ever changing world.

I want to work hard to create awesome learning experiences but learn lots from others who are prepared to share.  But I am still pondering over what the most important thing is to start with.

I have a long way to go to ensure I can do this efficiently because at the moment it is taking me a long time to do anything. I have learnt amazing amounts from other primary teachers by watching...... watching blogs and taking away information. I believe that if I persevere with this, I will gain inspiration and in the end the children I teach will be the winners.

Just like being on a diet..... tell lots of people so they help you stick with it. I posted an entry on my class blog telling my students that I was learning and it was hard. So.... I persevere.

Hope others are able to relate to this and share their great ideas.

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