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Making Connections: The Resilience Project

With some inspiration from Oprah and The Black Eyed Peas we realised making connections to people can happen in many realms in life. Here we believe that making connections to others will endorse the idea of resilience at our school. The Resilience Project is a school wide Health Promotion Strategy driven by Level 2 and 3 Health Education students. This Project involves students in a range of strategies to build Resilience where collection action and group cohesiveness help the students to feel Valued, Connected and Secure at Aotea College.

We are establishing Cross Curricular links by involving Senior Health Education, Physical Education, Media Studies, Information Communication Technology and Performing Arts Academy students in the project. These subjects are linking Internal Assessment of Achievement standards to this project for some students in the above subject areas. With the cross curricular support available we aim to develop a substantial web presence through a Website linked to our school website, Videos of Health Promotion strategies on YouTube, through a school YouTube channel, Digital footage, Student use of Bebo, Myspace and Facebook to carry out Health Promotion.


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