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Brad Williamson
Employer:Aotea College
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My Profile

I am the ICT Lead Teacher at Aotea College (homepage) in Porirua as part of the PoriruaNet Cluster 2010-2012 (ICTPD cluster) with Porirua College, Bishop Viard College and Mana College. I am learning to use wikis myself to consider how they can fit with e-learning at our college. I have also started a OER portal in wikieducator for Aotea College and I am sharing a project called Making Connections - a collective action Health Promotion at Aotea College.

Professional Background

I started working teaching in New Zealand after 2.5 years teaching Health and Physical Education in Queensland and 2 years in London.I have worked at Aotea College since 2005 as a Health and Physical Education teacher.


Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement Studies - Education)

My Interests


Encourage student action, Collaboration on learning projects, Exploring Critical Reflection to change teaching practice, personal and school wide. School based curriculum development. How can I use ICTs to support my own and others' learning and practice.


Family, Gardening, Bikes


My Projects

Networked Learning Community for developing the teaching as inquiry process for Health Education.

My Sandbox

My sandbox

My Reflection