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  • Time - 2 - hours (Can be longer up to half day)
  • "Hook" teachers to:
    • Information to make an informed judgement
    • Basic editing skills (create an account, basic editing)
    • Sign up for an account
    • Building confidence
  • Aim for 10 participants per taster session.

Brainstorm list

  • Articulate motivations for participating OERNZ
    • Donate bounties for developing world (to motivate participation)?
  • NB Point of difference -- why is WikiEducator different (not another lesson plan repository)
    • New Curriculum
    • Community
    • Integration with approved LMS/VLE vendors
    • Remix
    • Community / relfective practice (Sharing things that worked -- it is work in progress. Teaching as enquiry)
    • How does WE differentiate itself from Wikispaces, Curriki etc.
    • Comparative table of "typical" websites (features)
    • Different entry points to create content
    • International collaboration
  • Find like-minded champions
  • Work with subject associations
  • Working with the "loops"
  • ICT PD clusters
  • (Visual) - Concept map
  • Use case scenarios (eg how do we support and extend OER for e-Learning)
    • Time-lapse
  • Glossary of concepts (with reference to OERNZ)
  • Teacher FAQs
  • Toolbox activities
  • Information literacy (Librarians as group)
  • Film components of wiki-taster sessions -- share
  • Wiki-taster sessions @ conferences
  • Subject weeks, curriculum weeks -- eg Math week etc
  • Collaboration - outreach institutes

Resources we need

  • Success stories
  • Early exemplars (Showing good design)
    • Before and after examples (showing learning design)
  • Videos
    • Bishop Tutu
    • WIki's in p[ain English
    • Wayne
  • Slide show
  • Sample agenda
  • Slide shows
  • Do we need two formats (with or without computer)
  • List venues
  • List of "certified" trainers to run wiki taster sessions
  • Posters for advertising sessions
  • "Lesson plan"
  • Content examples for remix and improvement