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Selected international resources

Creative Commons Kiwi

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Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand.

Selected New Zealand resources and user submitted institutional case studies

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How to submit a New Zealand institutional open education case study
The National Symposium on Open Education invites all institutions to share what they are doing in open education as a reference resource for the symposium.
  • Create an account on WikiEducator, if you don't already have one.
  • Add a link to your case study below.

Note: Feel free to consult the detailed help tutorials on how to edit wiki pages.

Creative Commons and schools
Mark Osborne, Albany Senior High School

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  1. New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing Framework (NZGOAL) and Declaration on open and transparent government
  2. Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand and Poster on Licenses
  3. OERu share solutions for Education for All at UNESCO World OER Congress, OER Foundation, 19 June 2012.
  4. Opening Education in New Zealand: A Snapshot of a Rapidly Evolving OER Ecosystem, see Chapter 13 of Perspectives on Open and Distance Learning: Open Educational Resources and Change in Higher Education: Reflections from Practice, published by COL and UNESCO.

Examples of educational institutions with open policies

OER university

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OER Foundation.

Organisations who have implemented open policies