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RTENOTITLEMultimedia Course for Information Era--Ravi limaye 16:54, 28 September 2011 (UTC)


  • Multimedia is creative combination of Multimedia Elements (Text,Video, Audio, Animation, Images).It combins audio, image, video, graphics, and text, multimedia deepens the need for efficient representation, networking, and support.
  • It excites ears, eyes , fingertips and our thought (head).
  • It is Science and Art
  • It can be Interactive or Non Interactive
  • It conveys concepts through words, pictures, and sounds
  • The process of employing a variety of digital images, synchronized and perhaps embedded within one another, or within an application, to present and transmit information.

World is moving in direction of Multimedia Highway which is convergence of various services for several services anytime anywhere in the world. This content is being created to create a e-reference for students, professionals, learners in field of multimedia.

Pre Knowledge

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This Course is for individuals desiring to learn about Multimedia and use it for variety of purposes. It is for teachers desirous of creating Learning Resources. It is an attempt to compile all elements related to Multimedia at one place
  • 100px-Smiley.pngCreativity: People who wish to explore their Creative Abilities
  • 100px-Smiley.pngExperimention Attitude:People who wish to use Authoring Tools
  • 100px-Smiley.pngWeb Passion:People who wish to use different media elements on about Web Technologies


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The Course would enable the learner to:
  1. Animalien-smiley.gif Comprehend various Multimedia System standards to develop Multimedia Applications
  2. Animalien-smiley.gif Comprehend various Input and Output Multimedia Technologoies
  3. Animalien-smiley.gif Comprehend Multimedia Elements its Format and Compression
  4. Animalien-smiley.gif Comprehend Basics of Multimedia Communications, Reference Models, Potocols, ATM, FDDI etc
  5. Animalien-smiley.gif Comprehend Design Aspects of Multimedia Autoring and User Interface
  6. Animalien-smiley.gif Configure and Manage Computer Based Multimedia Server for various Multimedia Applications
  7. Animalien-smiley.gif Plan, Design & develop CBT, WBT


  • HYPERTEXT :It is Text which links itself to different text in same/ different documents. Hence navigation is nonlinear and non sequential.
  • HYPERMEDIA :Like hypertext this links to various multimedia elements like animation, graphics, video, audio, images, music etc


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  • Dummy user.pngWhat are the changes you suggest in the Content?
  • Dummy user.pngSuggest some strategies to undertake this course.

Case Study

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Tell us a story

Animalien-smiley.gif Talk about some multimedia application you came across and desire to share as case study.


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Quiz on Multimedia


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