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Content workshops Isabel June 2009

Content workshops were held in Isabel between 6th and 13th June at Tataba and Sigana. Participants from Susubona, Kolotubi and Lelegia communities also attended. The workshops were aimed at helping the Youth Coordinators,Youth members and community FM radio operators to create the first examples of content planned with storyboards. The content is intended for community radio broadcasts, sharing between communities by burning CDs and sending on any convenient transport, and with transcripts and adaptations formatted as Wikieducator articles.

Summary of background

The background to this is as follows:

  • At a workshop in March 2009 for Youth Coordinators and Isabel Provincial Government youth development officials, four themes were identified that are of concern to Isabel Youth and related to the provincial Youth Policy;
  • A related workshop was held in Honiara between 1-3 April attended by FM radio and PFnet email operators plus a few Youth coordinators and FM committee chairmen. At this workshop, participatory techniques for developing community media content were explored, and the participants practised developing storyboards for their selected content ideas;
  • An expanded community of practice for community media, focusing initially on the Isabel Youth development, was established with currently 74 members from a variety of youth and community media stakeholders including Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT) and the national Ministry of Women and Youth. Networking enabled for the community via a Google Group and Ning site;
  • Funding of approximately USD 15,000 obtained from Ausaid's Community Sector Program (CSP) for equipment for the community FM radio stations to support the project;
  • Workshops were held at Tataba and Sigana communities between May 23-30 where four storyboards were developed, for content ideas selected by those communities;
  • A one day workshop was held at partner organisation Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP)'s facilities in Honiara, attended by six community media specialists from SIDT and a representative from the national Ministry. A this workshop, the four storyboards were further developed and plans for contributing to the content were made.

Themes selected for networking and content development

The four themes selected were

  1. Environment and Natural Resources issues affecting Youth;
  2. Reviving our (culture and) customs;
  3. Urban Drift;
  4. Drug and substance abuse.

The March workshop report has full details.


Four storyboards were developed by Isabel youth members and improved by the expanded community of practice. These are given here.

  1. Shortage of sea resources and need for marine conservation
  2. Highlighting our customs
  3. Influences from town affecting youth in Isabel
  4. Combating ill effects of drug and substance abuse


At the workshops in Tataba and Sigana, 6-13 June, content was created for the four storyboards above. One example of content was completed and sufficient contributions completed for three additional storyboards. Click on any of the below for details.

  1. Shortage of sea resources and need for marine conservation
  2. Highlighting our customs - Kwarao Fishing
  3. Influences from town affecting youth in Isabel
  4. Combating ill effects of drug and substance abuse

A first draft of “Highlighting our Customs” was completed and mixed down to Mp3. This is a serial programme which can be repeated with contributions from each of the FM communities and shared between them. The programme is intended to celebrate and preserve valued customs and traditions. Wikieducator articles will be created for each programme, with transcripts and illustrations.

Although the recording was all carried out on one busy day, and understandably is a bit rushed, and the sound quality is variable, this programme is significant because it was entirely the product of Isabel youth using sound community media principles. They consulted their communities to identify the Isabel customs that should be highlighted, developed the storyboards and recorded the content. The only outside help came in the digital editing, however it is intended that training will be given in this skill using Audacity.

See our Ning site to hear “Reviving our Customs – Kwarao Custom Fishing” by Sigana community.












Lessons Learned and Recommendations


Timing of storyboards

Need for training

Isabel province support


Workshop photographs