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Strategies for combating the ill effects of drug and substance abuse


The following content was developed by the youth members at the Sigana workshop:

  • A panel debate was recorded with three Youth members representing Chiefs, Mother's Union and Youth
  • Pre-recorded opinion of community members

This storyboard requires input from the expanded community, which will be developed as follows, at the upcoming workshop at CYP on 17th June:

  • The theme song will be adapted from SIDT. We will work on this at the workshop on 17th, either translating to Pidjin language or emailing to the Isabel stations to be translated into Isabel languages;
  • Information from SIDT's Youth and mental Health programme will be brought to the workshop on 17th by Andy and Nelson. A script or other ideas for the educational narrative will be drafted.
  • Guguha DLC is contributing by researching the issue on the Internet and sending Pacific-related results to the Google Group to be used in the development of the content, especially the “educational narrative”.
  • Wikieducator page to be started and completed by Guguha DLC, with David supporting. Andy Tabaa, SIDT graphic artist, can provide illustration;
  1. The work in progress will be uploaded here in a few days.

Sigana Group 4

Disadvantages (ill effects) of Drug and Substance Abuse

  • Drug and substance abuse in Sigana is not a great problem. It was perceived that this was due to strong leadership of church and chiefs, working together
  • This program can therefore highlight positive ways of dealing with this issue
  • This can be an educational program shared with the other Community FM stations in Isabel
  • Start a Wikieducator article about the subject, SIDT (Andy) can upload graphics and images to support the article

Sound effects
Music Theme Song Presenter introduces Educational narrative researched by youth members Debate with invited panel from MU, Youth Leader, Chief Summary Music
* YMHP has a theme song
  • Suggest that they use it, or adapt it to Isabel / simple language / pidjin
  • Andy/Nelson to follow up and send lyrics by email also we can upload the actual song to the Wikieducator

  • Parents
  • Health workers
  • Affected people
  • Networking / Guguha can search Internet
  • SIDT has a Youth and Mental Health program, get advice from them
  • Get some information from the Coordinator of the YMH programme and send to Google group or pass to Isabel community (Andy/Nelson)

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