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Shortage of Sea Resources


The following content was developed by the youth members at the Sigana workshop:

  • Pre-recorded interviews with two community representatives (click to hear)
  • Community opinions (range of short interviews with people around the village)

This sets the programme in a community context. The main section of the storyboard, which is in the form of a documentary style narrative, requires input from the expanded community, which will be developed at the CYP workshop on 17th. There are two related programmes that link to this very well:

  1. The UNDP Conservation programme for Isabel Province, housed in Buala. (This links also to Storyboard 2). The FM operators and youth members in Buala will be interviewing the Coordinator of the UNDP project about “shortage of sea resources” and this will fit nicely into the programme. As the UNDP programme aims to work with communities to identify traditional and appropriate methods of conservation, this creates a useful synergy, and is an example of linkages that help to carry forward and sustain continuing content development directly linked to genuine community demand and Isabel's official development programmes.
  2. SIDT's Communities and Coastline programme.

The following will be developed:

  • The documentary / narrative section about sea resources and conservation. This will include interviews and consultations with the UNDP Conservation project which is housed in Buala, interviews with Honiara-based marine officers and fishermen that will be recorded by Andre Tipoke (MWYCA), and related information on SIDT's programme “Community and Coastline” to be prepared at the upcoming workshop at CYP on 17th June;
  • Wikieducator page to be started and completed by Guguha DLC, with David supporting. Andy Tabaa, SIDT graphic artist, can provide illustration;

The work in progress will be uploaded here in a few days.


Sigana Group 1

Conservation and concerns about shortage of natural sea resources

  • People are noticing shortage of sea resources like shell fish which move slowly
  • Youths concerned as they and future generations need these resources for livelihoods
  • One example is the trochus shell, sold for use in carvings and important cash income
  • Sea level rise also a concern
  • Land based resources also affected such as wild pigs, possums, all custom foods now in short supply
  • Land owners must be educated to preserve livelihood opportunities for young people
  • This can be transcribed and an educational Wikieducator article made of it (by Guguha DLC)

Sound effects of sea etc
Music Presenter introduces Pre-recorded interviews about sea resources Narrative about why sea resources should be conserved Community opinions Summary by presenter Music – theme song
Theme song recorded by Sigana Presenter interviews 2 community reps with good story telling skills and knowledge of the issues
  • Interview marine officers
  • Andre/SIDT to record and burn/upload etc
  • Honiara and Buala
  • Interview fishermen about harvesting, the ones who are taking the resources
  • Researching background info in Internet (Guguha)

The narrative will refer to the previous interviews and also the UNDP conservation project might provide some input and ideas into this component. Networking with Moses via email will help.

  • MWYCA – essays, poems etc from school / youth competitions organised by Ministry/CYP/HCC to be sent to Google Group
  • Isabel stations can share info on the topic
  • SIDT programme Communities and Coast – Ender to facilitate copying some info to the GG in text form;
  • David to help SIDT upload advice to Wikieducator / with Guguha

With some good lessons learned to educate the community
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