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Influences from town affecting Youth in rural Isabel


The following content was developed by the youth members at the Sigana workshop:

  • Plan for the recording of a song with string instrument music to be made locally by Sigana youth members Youth Coordinator Culwick Strout has detailed plans for this, but due to the short time it was decided that this should be done after the workshop and forwarded.
  • The main feature of this storyboard is a drama. The workshop participants outlined the story to be presented in the drama, which is shown below. The drama script (and plans for the recording) will be completed at the CYP workshop on 17th June, led by community media and theatre specialists Jody and Ender from SIDT.
  • Short interviews with community members about their concerns regarding “influences on youth from town”
  • A Wikieducator article will also be created for the above, with transcript and illustrations.


Sigana Group 3

Influences brought back to the village from town, associated with youth and “urban drift”. (Work in progress)

Music – locally recorded instruments Presenter introduces Music

Theme song

Drama about the influences from town, written and performed by youth members Pre-recorded views of elders and other community members, about the issue Summary by presenter Music – theme song
* Suggestion that community can select best lyrics and award
  • Use mixed popular to youth - Rolley
  • Start lyric writing by networking

Youths can discuss and consult with community to prepare the outline of the drama. SIDT be asked to help with script writing.

  • Jody and Ender to lead script writing
  • Interest in peer pressure, to what extent is it affecting urban drift
  • Before writing script ask Isabel Youth
  • David to discuss and agree roles next week

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