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Dear Friends,

We hope you found the yesterday's live session on wiki skills useful, relevant and informative. Thanks to our expert facilitiators Dr Gita and Dr Pankaj. The recording of the session "Mastering Wiki Editing Skills" can be seen here.

Our workshop is soon coming to an end and time has passed very quickly. We hope you have enjoyed working on your user pages by adding text and images to your page. Think of your user page as your personal business card on WikiEducator and let people see who you are, what you do, add some of your reflections on education or things you like, things you have done with WikiEducator or for in your community, and generally, make it appealing to other viewers.

You may also have a number of lesson plans and teaching materials which you want to convert into wiki format for sharing with other teachers. Look for WikiNeighbors to help you. Now that you are part of our WikiEducator family of almost 64,000 global educators, there are many people around to help.

As for our Indian colleagues, also have a look at your Indian WikiEducator chapter at WikiEducator India.

You are free to start a chapter in your own country and take your own WikiEducator initiatives forward. Foremost have fun doing it.


Working offline

  • It is possible to work offline and save your work in Mediawiki text format. To do this you will need a copy of the Open Office word processor (Free and Open Source Software.)
  • Work through the tutorial demonstrating how to edit using Open Office Editing using Open Office.

Wishing you all the best
Your Facilitators