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Dear Friends,

A warm welcome to all our new participants. You are among 110 participants in 20 countries. This is truly amazing!

I would also like to thank the amazing facilitators Dr Pankaj Khare and Dr Gita Mathur who are helping out voluntary and are giving free of their time. You are in very good hands.

You still have the opportunity to invite friends to join us, as we are only getting started today, the second day of the workshop. Some of you have joined us again, and we salute you for this decision. There is a lot to be learned and you are really taking advantage, which is wonderful. Your time commitment per day shouldn't take more than 15 or 20 minutes for new arrivals to catch up. WikiEducator (WE as we call it) are here to share knowledge and to collaborate in the Wiki way, so feel free to spread the word and give the gift of knowledge, and point your friends to this link:

About WikiEducator

This email provides a copy of the instructions for Day 2 (your Thursday) of our workshop in your inbox. Note that all instructions are linked from our workshop home page:

eL4C Workshop Homepage (Bookmark this page in your browser).

Remember: if you missed earlier instructions, you will find copies of all activities for the previous day posted in the Announcements box in the wiki.

We see friends are making great progress with the activities for Day 1 ahead of time (in many parts of the world) and are experimenting . Well done!

Get to know your fellow participants and read the introductions posted so far by our friends already (see: Introductions).

Wiki's are about experimentation , so be bold and have a bash at posting your own intro. Don't worry, you can't break anything, if you do, WE can fix it (we promise). Wiki's keep a record of every edit, so it is easy to fix a mistakes.

An early heads up,- there are community Kudos awards for the participants with the highest number of edits during the workshop , so get started!

Day 2 is pretty relaxed ,you will learn more about the amazing world of wikis, have the opportunity to familiarize with it. Watch our short video introduction and follow the instructions posted in the wiki.

Assignment for Day 2

Your assignment for Day 2 is to post ideas and thoughts in the discussion on quality in open authoring systems. You'll find step-by-step instructions for Day 2 listed on the course schedule page:

eL4C54 Workshop Schedule

Remember, you can also access the course materials directly from the home page for this workshop. All instructions are posted there as well:

eL4C Workshop Homepage

WE'll see you in the wiki

Your Facilitators