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Ideas for a wiki project

The best way to experience the wiki is to start your own wiki project, or to join one of the existing projects in the wiki. We recommend choosing something that is of interest to you and likely to be of use in your own situation. Consult the list of ideas for a wiki project. The purpose of this discussion is propose ideas to:

  • Get feedback and suggestions for refinement
  • Identify possible collaborators for group projects
  • Help connect you with existing communities and projects in the wiki.

Choose a title for your project and provide a brief description of what you would to do.

Note: The learning contract is optional. However in the spirit of open collaboration this is a great way contribute a little of your knowledge in return for the free training the OER Foundation provides. As a non-profit, we rely on donations from individuals and organisations to finance our free training activities and you may choose to give back in this way as well.


Ramesh Sharma

Hi Folks ( I think this is the place to put project ideas if i am wrong pl delete this) I want to put a module on teaching anemia in pregnancy to UG students. Devp reading material and at the end take assessment by MCQ and SAQ. This will take min 4wks Dr Hemant damle)

Hi Ramesh,

While reading more on what the Learning Contract is all about, i got to know that you can upload a lesson plan or some learnng material you may have previously developed, and so i am thinking of submitting a traning material i developed , when i served as a tranier at a Life Skills Traning Workshop for Non-Formal Education facilitators, organized by UNICEF in Nigeria. The aim of this, is to create a learning material on 'Components of Life Skills' for teachers, students, traniers,young people, or anyone who may want to orgaize a life skills traning session and may want a learning material that makes it easier to understand life skills and its application, using real life examples. Would this be okay for the learning contract?

Thanks for your help

--Shining Star 09:59, 4 February 2011 (UTC)Ebiho Agun

  1. Hi Ramesh and Patricia

I'm thinking about creating an OER portal page for my institution- Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL). We are currently busy with a COL OER Project creating OER resources in five school subjects. This is our first OER Project. I do see many benefits for the institution in having this portal page, such as sharing our experiences and projects with the online communities.Wilhelmina Louw
Re: Hello Wilhelmina. Thanks for sharing your idea of creating an OER protal for your NAMCOL. I am sure that would be a role model for others also to follow and take benefit of your experiences. We wish you all the best for your project.-- Patricia and Ramesh Sharma 04:02, 26 October 2010 (UTC)