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About EL4C33

EL4C33 was a 5 day workshop that encompassed what is normally done in 10 days. The initial messages were sent via emails and then participants used a Moodle Course Management System (CMS) and WikiEducator to introduce themselves. The tutorials and forum discussions were conducted on WikiEducator. EL4C33 had two live online events on WiZiQ at the beginning of the workshop and at the end to showcase participants userpages and discuss their OERs.

Each of the participants who completed all the tutorials and reached WikiMaster level 1 (or higher) received the following badge in their personal information box:

L4C.png I am a proud
eL4C33 graduate.

Date and Duration

The 33rd Learning4Content online workshop (eL4C33) was conducted from December 14, to December 18, 2009 (5-day workshop) under the co-facilitation of Nellie Deutsch and Gladys Gahona.

Workshop Demographics


Participants: 103 (Female: 51 / Male: 52
Facilitators: 2 (Female: 2)
Countries: 42

EL4C33 2.jpg

EL4C33 3.jpg

Expected Outcomes

The expected outcomes of this workshop were to:

  • share and to teach the use of Wiki technology using WikiEducator's tutorials 1-10 on WikiEducator
  • explore the concept of open source software/technologies including integrated technologies
  • inform about WikiEducator's concept and projects including existing OER content.

Reflection, Comments and Recommendations

Nellie Deutsch

I enjoyed co-facilitating the online workshop using WikiEducator as the main learning environment.

The current workshop used Moodle instead of google group. The registered members were enrolled in the Moodle (CMS) to facilitate the process of having to register in two systems. The process went very smoothly. However, I do not think there is any need to have another system for the L4C online workshops. I believe we can manage the process of connecting with the participants via emails sufficient. Participants find membership in two systems (google groups/Moodle and WikiEducator) confusing.

Results of the Workshop

  • 12 participants (11.65%) reached Level 1 Certification (Level 1 Apprentice)
  • 11 participants (10.68%) reached Level 2 Cerfification (Level 2 Apprentice)
  • 13 participants (12.62%) reached Level 3 Certification (WikiBuddy)
  • 5 participants (4.85%) reached Level 4 Certification (WikiArtisan)
  • 14 participants (13.59%) edited without certification
  • 48 participants (46.60%) were either veteran or new members who never started the workshop