Activities for Day 2

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(Comment.gif: Have you added your name to the Signature Page?. Please do so, so that your Facilitator can give you feedback on your User Page, and you can also network with your peers and learn about their (OER) interests!!)

Complete the WikiEducator Survey

Download the Wiki Cheat Sheets

  • To help you learn how to quickly navigate WikiEducator, here are several resources. Please print them out, and keep them by your side when editing wiki pages. They will help you to master wiki syntax!

Add Internal & External Hyperlinks

  • Do the 20 minute tutorial on new pages and links
  • Begin working on your OER page, bringing the idea to life.

Network with your Peers: Browse the Participant List & their OER Interests

  • Remember the Signature Page where all the User Names were added for introductions?

Now is the time to visit your colleagues' User Pages, and learn about their OER interests - Post a comment, or email them directly to share common interests or provide feedback. (Don't be shy!)

(Comment.gif: For learners who have not added content about their OER interests, now is a great time to do it!)