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Notes for K12 Tutorials / Workshops

This K12 workshop will occur over a two month duration. The participants can work individually or in small groups (2-3 people). The content will be delivered online via these two methods;

  1. two four-hour sessions, and
  2. a hour a week for eigth weeks

The intention of these two methods is to provide the students with both a focused four-hour session to work through all the lessons and then provide weekly events to reinforce (and repeat) the learning to further deepen the developed skills. These two methods are not dependent upon each other. A student can choose to just participate in the two four-hour sessions or the eight weekly one-hour sessions. Participating in both sessions during the two month period will provide the deepest learning experience and allow opportunity for active learning as the students build their own wiki pages.

Three four-hours sessions

The idea here is to emerse ourselves and collaborate online. Four hours of wiki fun, learning and creating using the MediaWiki software.

Session 1 - October 8th

  1. What is a wiki?
  2. Getting Started with Wiki building I
  3. Learning 2.0


Session 2 - November 5th

  1. Some review
  2. Pedagogy, Constructivism and Learning 2.0
  3. Licensing and Intellectual Property
  4. Building a Mash-up
  5. Homework!


Session 3 - December 3rd

  1. Some more review
  2. Intermediate Wiki
  3. Discussion
  4. What is free content? Why does it matter?
  5. More intermediate Wiki
  6. Printing and pdf's
  7. Building your OERs


A hour a week for eight weeks

Week 1

  1. What is a wiki?


Week 2

  1. Getting Started with Wiki building I
  2. Learning 2.0


Week 3

  1. Some review


Week 4

  1. Learning 2.0


Week 5

  1. Licensing and Intellectual Property
  2. Building a Mash-up


Week 6

  1. Intermediate Wiki
  2. Discussion


Week 7

  1. What is free content? Why does it matter?
  2. More intermediate Wiki


Week 8

  1. More intermediate Wiki
  2. Printing and pdf's
  3. Building your OERs


Next Steps

Understanding Quality

Aspire to becoming a featured works

Defining a curriculum

Building OER