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October 8th

So the content for the first session has changed considerably. I have removed more than half the activities due to the reality of what actually happened during the session. Engaging the grade 8 & 9 students in a meaning dialogue about learning and wikis took longer than anticipated (upon reflection, this should come as no surprise).

What is a Wiki (90 minutes)

  1. What is a Wiki?
  2. Who is WikiEducator?
  3. Talk pages and other Useful Features

Getting Started with Wiki I (60 minutes)

  1. Creating an Account
  2. Editing Basics

Learning 2.0 (30 minutes)


  1. traditional teaching approaches as a factory
  2. importance of self-directed learning with help of a faclitator

Note: this online chat needs to a playful and engaging discussion about how school could be considered a learning factory. And how self-direction with guidance can be a deeper learning experience.

November 5th

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Today session should be about having fun and creating wiki pages with resources from all over the internet.

Some review (60 minutes)

  1. Log back into your account
  2. Add some text, edit your page, save your page
  3. Click the Recent changes link in the top left of the page, then find and click on you user name.
  4. Return to the Recent changes link and select a user name you DO NOT know, look at thier user page
  5. Think about what you want your user page to look like, even draw a picture of it on paper
  6. Complete these two lessons
    1. Basic Text Formatting
    2. Creating New Pages and Links
  7. Return to your user page and edit it, make lots of changes, have fun...
  8. If you get to here and are looking for something to do, Try inserting Images and other Media
  9. Consider if your user page could be selected the Featured User page. Are you up to the challenge?

Learning 2.0 (60 minutes)

This chat should take a game approach. We have found the kids think they are "high-bandwidth" so up the torque of the chat and challenge them to define the terms and discuss how the technology fits into learning. Publish some questions, provide foot race style opportunities to support their answers with internet resources.

  • How Wikis Fit?
  • Why Blogs Matter? (Think Mcluhan - substitute global village with blogosphere)
  • Are Podcasts worth listening too?
  • Why rich media deserves the time
  • What is Vodcasting anyway.
  • Is tagging like using stickies?
  • Social Networking doesn't require any wires

Optional Activity: Suggest the participants watch this video from Leigh Blackall

What is stealing anyhow? Why does it matter! (40 minutes)

  1. Licensing and IP
  2. A deep dive into creative commons
  3. look at the creative commons node of flickr
  4. Inserting Images and other Media

Building a Mash-up (80 minutes)

  1. What is a mash-up?
  2. Create a sandbox page with two links
  3. Choose two CC licensing approaches
    1. CC-BY
    2. CC-BY-ND
    3. CC-BY-NC-ND
    4. CC-BY-NC
    5. CC-BY-NC-SA
    6. CC-BY-SA
  4. Each link from the sandbox page should link to one of the chosen licensing approaches
  5. Bring a number of CC licensed internet resources into each wiki page creating a mash-up
  6. Add text to the page explaining why the mash-up meets the license

Yup, Homework

Think of an idea for a really simple wiki page

  1. Write the idea on paper (even draw the layout of the wiki page)
  2. Take some photos related to the idea
  3. Upload the photos to flickr (think about privacy, think about license)
  4. assign your preferred CC license to the uploaded picture(s)
  5. link to the pictures in your new wiki page
  6. add some text describing the pictures, think about the wiki page as a place where someone would learn something


December 3rd

Some more review (30 minutes)

  1. Log into your account
  2. Edit one of your classmates pages
    1. Add a picture
    2. Change a picture link
    3. Change some text
  3. Look at the pages history

Intermediate Wiki (40 minutes)

  1. Collaborative Editing
  2. Thinking About Structure

Some discussion (20 minutes)

  • What is cool about collaboration
  • Why is structure important?
  • What makes a good lesson?
  • When is it good to use images?

Free content (40 minutes)

  1. What is Free Content?
  • Find some other web resources about freedom
  1. http://freedomdefined.org/Definition
  • Why is free content important

More intermediate Wiki (40 minutes)

  1. Navigation templates
  2. Pedagogical templates
  3. Tables
  4. Extra Tips

Printing (10 minutes)

Printing to pdf

Build your lesson (self paced)

Build a lesson that has the following attributes

  1. aesthetically pleasing
  2. easy reading
  3. good use of graphics (pictures)
  4. intuitive navigation
  5. use of templates
  6. has objectives and outcomes
  7. confirms learning