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Welcome to our first Learning for Content K12 session. We have to cover a lot of ground today so lets jump right in with a couple of questions;

Before we start... Where are we going to answer the questions? Google Chat or L4CK12 Google Group?

Break into small groups (two or three people);

  1. for 3 minutes discuss the idea of students creating their own courses. Within the small group come to agreement on three main reasons why this is a good idea. Post your three ideas to the discussion board.
  2. Read the other small groups ideas for the main reasons this is a good idea.
  3. Go back into your small groups and discuss the challenges of having students creating their own courses. Within the small group come to agreement on the three greatest challenges. Post your three challenges to the discussion board.
  4. Read the other small groups ideas regarding the challenges.

Using Wikis is becoming one of the favored ways to create courses and to collaborate with other students and teachers in creating courses. Let's take a look at wikis. And what you can build with wikis;

  1. Spend 30 minutes reading through the wiki pages describing wikis; http://www.wikieducator.org/Wikieducator_tutorial/What_is_a_wiki Be sure to read through all the pages; Introduction, Advantages and Disadvantages, About WikiEducator and the Summary & FAQs pages.
  2. In your small groups discuss the WikiEducator project and what you like most about the project. Post three ideas of what you like about WikiEducator to the discussion board.
  3. Spend another 20 minutes creating a new WIkiEducator Account; http://www.wikieducator.org/Wikieducator_tutorial/Creating_an_Account
  4. Continue on by learning some skills in the basic editing of a wiki page; http://www.wikieducator.org/Wikieducator_tutorial/Editing_Basics