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Book Sharing Projects




  • Author: Elie Wiesel

International Book Sharing Project

Schools Participating

Schools are paired off from Israel and the United States as they collaborate on the project and discuss the book and its themes.

Book Sharing Project Forum

The Korczak School website serves as the online home for the International Book Sharing Project. The International Book Sharing Project is an exercise in international cooperative learning about the Shoah (Holocaust) and its meaning for youth today. Schools from around the world are paired together. Students in the partner schools read the same book in their respective classrooms and then discuss subjects related to the Holocaust via forums hosted on the Korczak International School website.

Ort Gutman an Mullen School

Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum

Presentation of the Project

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List of Students

Ort Gutman

Grade 11
Code User Name Gender School Class
1. Giora Gabay
M Ort Gutman 11-7
2. Toly Mosayev
M Ort Gutman 11-7
3. Shahar Levy
M Ort Gutman 11-7
4. Dorin Deri
F Ort Gutman 11-5
5. Sabrin Balia
F Ort Gutman 11-7
6. Barbara Botner
F Ort Gutman 11-7
7. Hadar Dalman
F Ort Gutman 11-5
8. Keren Sorkin
F Ort Gutman 11-7
9. Eitan Margulis
M Ort Gutman 11-7
10. May Bar
F Ort Gutman 11-7
11. Ilana Sahnovsky
F Ort Gutman 11-7
13. Michael Zvulun
M Ort Gutman 11-7
14. Alon Wendel
M Ort Gutman 11-7
15. Mila Svitelman
F Ort Gutman 11-7
16. Yonatan Roizman
M Ort Gutman 11-7
17. Gaby Silver F Ort Gutman 11-7
18. Sherly cohen F Ort Gutman 11-6
19. Ben-Horin M Ort Gutman 11-7
20. Simo Bitton M Ort Gutman 11-7
21. Niv Zatlawi M Ort Gutman 11-7
22. Daniel Elimeleh F Ort Gutman 11-7
23. Ariel Yehud M Ort Gutman 11-7
24. Eran Naftali M Ort Gutman 11-7
25. Batzir Einat F Ort Gutman 11-7
26. Talya Gabso F Ort Gutman 11-7
27. Adi Goldman F Ort Gutman 11-8
28. Shir Warman M Ort Gutman 11-7
29. Lior Hasan F Ort Gutman 11-7
30. Ronen Mamo M Ort Gutman 11-7
31. Yakir Sydlar M Ort Gutman 11-7
32. Yakir Shimon M Ort Gutman 11-7

Teaming up

  1. Patrick A. - Alon (f), May (f) Gaby (f)
  2. Gina B. – Einat (f), Giora (m) Gaby (f)
  3. Brittany B. - Shirley, Toly (m)
  4. Lauren D.- Ilana , Simo (m)
  5. Bryan D. - Giora & Barbara B., Talya
  6. Ryan F. - Mila, Yakir S (m), Saar (m)
  7. Justin F.y - Hadar (f) & Shir (f), Yakir Sh(m), Dorin (f)
  8. Alexis G. - Toly (m)& Ilana (f)
  9. Caiti G. - Keren S. (f), Eitan (m)
  10. David H. - Sheryl (f) & Ron (m), Shahar (m)
  11. Michelle H. - Mila (f), Einat (f), Shahar (m)
  12. Shelby I. - Shir (f), Simo (m)
  13. Szandor K. - Barbara B., Ariel (m)
  14. Mackenzie M.o - Daniella, Lior (f)
  15. Sean P. - Keren (f) Barbara B., (f), Dorin (f)
  16. Dalton R. - Sabrin (f), Michael (m)
  17. Allison S. - Toly (m) May (f)
  18. Melodie S.h - Lior (f), Adi (f), Saar (m)
  19. Michael T. - Adi (f), Yakir (m)
  20. Lindsay W.- Daniella, Alon (m)

Topics of Interest

  1. Indifference or Helplessness
  2. Morality and Survival
  3. Silence
  4. Where is God?

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Questions for Consideration
  1. When Elie does nothing to defend his father when he is beaten by a kapo (36-37), has Elie turned from a loving son to a dispassionate survivor? Describe your feelings about this scene. Identify/Explain an example from times today/your life when this dilemma has also surfaced.
  2. Is there any morality to survival? Should one survive at any cost? Consider the Madame Schachter scenes, the scene when Elie teaches his father to practice the hated militarism of his persecutors by marching in step, the scenes with Rabbi Eliahou, the advice Elie receives from the head of the block not to feed his dying father, “Instead you ought to be having his ration.” Use at least two of these scenes from the book and comment about this dilemma raised. Then offer an explanation of where you would draw the line in doing what was necessary to survive.
  3. Elie is told to be silent when his father is beaten. Eli imposes a ten year silence on any discussion of his experiences of the Holocaust after liberation. Much of the world was silent to the plight of the victims. Please comment on the role silence plays and how silence differs in each of the situations above.
  4. After witnessing the hanging of a young boy and two others in the camp, a man behind Elie poses the question, "Where is God now?”. Elie writes “Here He is, He is hanging on the gallows”. Describe your thoughts/feelings about this scene in the book. How would you/do you answer the question of “Where is God” in the midst of experiencing evil.


Mullen High School 2008/2009

Ort Gutman 2008/2009


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Kibbutz Lohamei Haghettot, Israel

This web site has extensive online archives, educational resources and programs.

  • Art of the Holocaust- A web site for introduction to the art of the Holocaust, a Holocaust art collection, and essays about the artists. Learning about the Holocaust through Art is designed as a supplement to a comprehensive Holocaust teaching program. It is a useful resource when combined with accompanying biographical and historical materials.
  • A cybrary of the Holocaust
  • Korczak Communication Center of Munich, Germany.

Janusz Korczak

Holocaust and children’s rights

  • Heroes and Reflections is a multimedia curriculum on the Holocaust developed by the Anti-Defamation League, Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation, and Yad Vashem.
  • Audio and article about Korczak, his life and writings.
  • [htp:// University of South Florida ] web site has an extensive information about Janusz Korczak and his lifework.
  • A Holocaust Literature web site maintained by University of Pennsylvania’s English Department, Professor Al Filreis.
  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum web site. USHMM is a national museum for the documentation and study of the history of the Holocaust.
  • USHMM, Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive database.This catalog provides access to the Museum’s collection of historical films pertaining to the Holocaust and related aspects of World War II. Over 1000 hours of footage can be searched by subject, title, source, keyword, location, event date, and genre. Nearly 600 video clips stream over the Internet with more added weekly
  • A USHMM 'YouTube' channel with Holocaust/genocide/human rights related videos.
  • Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, Jerusalem, Israel. This site has photo archives and remembrance sections.
  • ‘Nizkor’ is Hebrew for ‘we will remember’. This web site has a multiplicity of Holocaust resources.
  • Stories of Survivors - A web site established to present history with a human face.
  • Content is from Reflections on the Holocaust and is a subscription-free online resource from Encyclopedia Britannica. The content is credited to Dr. Michael Berenbaum and the site is organized into five sections: Hitler and the Origins of the Holocaust; The Holocaust; The Allied Response; The Christian Response; and Art, Meaning

and Memory.


  • Holocaust
  • Facing History and Ourselves is a professional educational development organization. Its programs and web site are intended to inform through investigation of the past.
  • IEARN, is an acronym for International Education and Research Network which has information on the study of Holocaust. It encourages application of this knowledge to make a positive difference in the world.
  • Anti Defamation League is an organization whose web site publishes material on confronting and opposing anti-Semitism, bigotry and extremism.
  • Simon Wiesenthal Center is an International organization that strives to preserve the memory of the Holocaust by fostering tolerance and understanding thru educational outreach and social action.

Museum of Tolerance

  • The Jewish Virtual Library is a division of the American Israeli Cooperative Enterprise. The glossary is very extensive and the search feature provides abundant resources.


Teaching Material

  • NIGHT teachers' guide and other information by the publishers of the 2006 NIGHT edition, translation by Marion Wiesel.
  • A Multi media resource curriculum on the Holocaust constructed by ADL, Shoah Foundation, and Yad VaShem..
  • The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum now offers audio, video, and text documents in the “Beyond Campus” area of iTunes U, a dedicated section of the iTunes Store offering free education content. Students and educators are able to download Museum content directly to their computers, iPods, or other media players.
  • The Holocaust History Project is a free archive of documents, photographs, recordings, and essays regarding the Holocaust, including direct refutation of Holocaust-denial.
  • Holocaust Teacher Resource Center (TRC) is dedicated to the memory of the six million Jewish people slaughtered during the Holocaust and the millions other people slaughtered during the Nazi era. It strives to combat prejudice and bigotry by transforming the horrors of the Holocaust into positive lessons to help make this a better and safer world for everybody. This site is sponsored by the Holocaust Education Foundation, Inc.

Bagrut Projects on the Holocaust

Bagrut Projects on the Holocaust

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