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Contact-new.svg Barbara
Employer:Ort Gutman High School
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About me

My name is Barbara.
Im 15 years old, I live in natanya, israel.
I have 2 sisters.
I'm in 11 grade, in Ort-Gutman high school.


I like to dance.
Modern dance, Hip Hop and classic ballet.
I dance 5 hours a week, at "Limor Ross Dancing School".





(Comment.gif:  Is your bagrut project on the Holocaust listed here:  Bagrut Projects on the Holocaust --Nellie Deutsch 15:03, 20 March 2009 (UTC))

International book project

I think that silence is a very difficult word.

Silence can be sometimes a really good and positive thing, and sometimes it can be a bad thing, that have influence on people feelings, thougths and other things.

In the book Night, in the Holocaust and after it, the silence was divided in 2 main parts : the silence that was a good thing, and helped keep the sanity during the holocaust.

In the other hand, we can look at the silence like a bad thing, because at the 2WW some countries knew whats going on and they decide to keep the silence without knowing that if they had break the silence and they had tell to the world what horrible things are going on, maby less people were get hurt, or died.

After all, I don't think that anyone can judge people's choices and decisions at a time of war like the WW2.


I agree with everything that you said here, specially with the fact that if someone is being persecuted they should not shut up, they should go and tell all the people about all those persecuted.

I think that there are a lot of things that maybe in the regular life are wrong, like still

but if you are in danger, and you have to do this to survive, you will do this without thinking what's wrong.

what I try to say is that anything is ok, when it became a life or dead question.

There's one thing that you wrote and I didn't understand -

" I believe that they should have maybe died for what they believed in. "

Can you explain this?


Elie still love his father, but he was in shock, he is only a little child, and I guess that when a little child is in a situation like that, he woldn't be able to save or protect his father.

I don't think that he was afraid of his own life, he was just shocked and afraid of all this situation - he just didn't knew how to act and what should he do.


I think that Elie Wiesel continues to champion human rights because he is a survivor of the Holocaust. Because he was a part of this horrible event called Holocaust, he know and see how the human rights are important and how its important to keep them. He decided to write this book to show people exactly what happened in those camps, and that he's way to protect the human rights


Choicless choices are choices that people do because they have to do it .

I agree with you, and I also think that Ellie or the other Jews in the story forced to make choices, like go up to the trains, or to the concentration camp.


I really agree with all your thougths. I think that the leaders of the town didn't belive Moshie, and they dont really care about him. They didn't try to figure out why he acted this way.

Moishe tried to warn everyone about whats going on in that terrible place that he escape from but with no success.



This year we started our Bagrut project that we will have to present next year. Our topic is the Holocaust. To begin the project we sing up to a kind of forum, there we discuss different subjects that connected with our project topic and with a book that we had to read about the Holocaust – "Night". This small project included another school from Colorado, USA. We find out that they are nice people, and it was a great experience. Every week our teachers write us another challenging question connected to the book Night or to the Holocaust that we had to answer – sometimes our or they answers lead to us to discuss about different thoughts, feelings and world view that connected to the sensitive topic. I think that this project was more successful that last year project. The Americans young that we talked with them were really nice. I would like to continue with this project, because I think that is another nice way to learn new things, and to express yourself in front of other people that you don’t know. This project was an experience, and I think that it will add a lot to our final project. It was important to show them our point of view as young people that live in a country that is at a constant threat.

International book project



(Comment.gif: Please send a response to the Mullen kids where others have not. Thank you. --Warm wishes, Nellie Deutsch 20:47, 25 December 2008 (UTC))


Unfortunately, I'm still sick and won't be in school tomorrow. --Nellie Deutsch 17:22, 10 January 2009 (UTC)