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The aim of this page is:
  • To list interesting links and nodes in WikiEducator
  • To serve as a reference list when WikiEducator Ambassadors speak about our collective project

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Interesting WikiEducator community projects

An inspiring project lead by Declan McCabe in implementing the vision of St Michael's College, most notably the commitment to serving others. Declan teachers a group of student teachers in developing Biology lessons which are tested in the classroom at partner schools. The lessons are released as free content on WikiEducator for reuse by teachers all over the world. Student teachers acquire wiki skills while developing their lessons as part of a graded assignment for the course. Students have posted personal reflections and are well worth a read.

Institutional pioneers using WikiEducator

WikiEducator encourages institutions to "brand" their free content developments and there are a growing number of institutional based portal pages in our community. Examples include:

Otago Polytechnic is fast becoming a global leader implementing a quantum shift for sustainable education on multiple fronts, including Open Education. Recently the institution adopted a new intellectual property policy where all resources default to a Creative Commons Attribution License. To the best of our knowledge, Otago Polytechnic is a world first in adopting a blanket CC-BY policy for the institution. A progressive institutional intellectual policy, combined with dedicated educators and a passionate professional development team have contributed to the prolific OER content creation. These early adopters are generating multiple opportunities for international collaboration through the WikiEducator network.
The Univeristy has embarked on an ambitious project to develop 1 000 educational lessons that will be hosted on WikiEductor and to establish a community of 500 active content contributors from the University and surrounding areas This project exemplifies the power of networked collaboration with support from the partnership for higher education in Africa and collaboration with WikiEducator's FLOSS4Edu project and the Winneba Open Digitial Village. The University of Education, Winneba is West Africa's leader in OERs.

Inspirational pages

WikiEducator and technology innovation