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Displaying the merged letters

We are now going to look at how we can preview the merged letters.

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  1. From the mailings tab find the Preview Results group. Click on the preview results button.

    The fields contained inside the angle-quotes should now be displaying the names and information from your database.
  2. Use the record navigation tool to move between the different letters to the various club members.


Printing the mail merge

The final step in a mail merge is to print all the letters. However sometimes it’s handy to be able to edit individual letters before the print. So, rather than merging to the printer we are going to show you how to merge to a document.

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  1. Open your membership letter.
  2. Select Mailings Tab ⇒ Finish & Merge Button⇒ Edit Individual Letters.
  3. When the Merge to new Document dialogue appears choose All.
  4. Word creates a larger document made up of all our individual letters. Go through the merge document you have created and check that formatting and layout are correct.
  5. When it all looks perfect, print your merge as you would print any normal document.
  6. Save your document as Member_Merge_1.docx


Extra resources

Please note: the following tutorial will open in a new window/tab. When you have finished the tutorial, simply close the window/tab and you'll return to this page.

You might also like to check out the section on mailmerge (from page 58) in this workbook:

  • Word Processing Using OpenOffice Writer

Although the workbook uses Open Office rather than Microsoft Office, the process is very similar.