Information Technology Literacy

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Information Technology Literacy

Team of Information Technology Literacy
RIE Bhopal is a constituent unit of the NCERT, New Delhi and it is concerned with the School and Teacher Education in Western India.


The project aims to develop the basic ICT knowledge and competencies of Teacher Trainees through collaborative authoring. The trainees are involved in collaborative pair work in acquiring and processing information to create content for the course on Information Technology Literacy. A collaborative effort of two faculty members along with student-teachers of Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal,India. This is just the beginning and we look forward for others joining this effort.

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Objectives of this course are:
  • Out of the IT jobs, in a real business

1% would become IT Managers, Project/Programe Managers, CIOs etc 2% would become solution architects 5% database and program design 5% programming using an IDE 10% would do some elementary level programming using spreadsheets, Access database 70% would just use the computer to perform tasks like using Offce software to write, spreadsheets, and presentations. NO PROGRAMMING. They probably would never be asked about he internal working of a PC, a CPU etc, let alone the history, algorithms. Why not have a 12 weeks course for the 70%, with about 25 weeks of internship training in an organiztion.

  • To develop knowledge and understanding about information technology
  • To develop knowledge of fundamentals of computer, its languages and software packages
  • To develop skills of simple programming and handling of computer
  • To develop awareness in utilization of information technology in education

  • What level and type of a job would the candidate of this course be able to get? What would be his salary level?
  • From what I see he will be unable to do any productive work without further training of atleast 4-8 weeks.
  • Suggest a total review starting with man-power demand role-wise, what skills/knowledge is required and MOST IMP teach them about eLearning, and how to use the computer for continuous learning, to keep abreast wih IT, and pipe in JIT (just in time), learning to them for life.

Course Content

UNIT 1: Introduction to Information Technology

Concept and History of Information Technology

Need and Importance of Information Technology in Education

Different facets of Information Technology and their use in Education

UNIT 2: Introduction to Computer

History of Computer Development & Generation of Computer

Uses & Scope of Computer

Computer Language

Unit 3: Hardware & Software of Computers

Concept of Hardware

Basic Hardware Unit-Input Unit,Memory auxillary,CPU,Output Units

Concept of Software

Application of Software

Unit 4: Computer Programming

Concept of Computer Programming

Algorithms & Flow Charts

Programming Languages LOGO & BASIC

Unit 5: Use Of Computer In Education

Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI)

Computer management learning (CML)

Use of multimedia

Creating Data Base of Staff and Students

Use of Computer in Admission

Use of Computer in Developing Question Bank

Use of Computer in Time, Space and Personnel Management

Use of internet for acquiring information

Problems and issues in computer education