Concept and History of Information Technology

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Information technology is a manifestation of public & private investment in science & engineering (S&E) that is enabling broad and significant changes in society. Many observation, compare the rapid development and expansion of information technology to the industrial revolution in terms of its potential scope & impact on society. Few other modern advances in technology have the capacity to affect so fundamentally the way people work live, learn and govern themselves. As with the industrial revolution, both the time and direction of many changes are difficult to predict.

The relationship between IT& science & engineering has two aspects. In addition to being a product of science and engineering, IT enabling change in S&E. IT has become on important part of the Indian economy for example S&E make extensive use of computer modeling & simulation and large share of database advances in networking facilitate global collaboration in research and product development, implement the results of academic research and conduct significant amounts of applied R&D, IT also influences the pipeline for S&E through its affects on the demand for people with technical skills and through its use in education at all levels.

Information technology reflects the combination of three technologies, digital computing, data storage and ability to transmit digital signal through telecommunication network. Rapid change in semiconductors technology, information storage & networking, combined with advance in software, has enabled new application, cost reduction and widespread diffusion of IT. The expanding array application makes IT more useful & further fuels the expansion of IT.


Information is a resource which has no value until it is extracted, processed and utilized. Information technology deals with information system, data storage, access, retrieval, analysis and intelligent decision making. Information technology refers to the creation, gathering, processing, storage, presentation and dissemination of information and also the processes and devices that enable all this to be done.

Information technology is affecting us as individual and as a society. Information technology stands firmly on hardware and software of a computer and tele-communication infrastructure.