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Concept of Software SOFTWARE

'A Software is a set of instructions that are needed to exploit the hardware is a useful manner for given set of task. This is something that can not be touched or seen but is essential for working. Without software a computer is like a car without petrol or pen without refill.'

Software can be of following two basic types:- 1. System Software 2. Application Software


System Software is used to control, manage and work with the hardware of the computer or to convert instructions written in a high level language to machine language. It is classified as following: 1. Operating System 2. Programming Language 3. Translator


These programs are used to govern the control of the computer hardware components, such as processor, memory device and input/output devices. The operating system of a computer is one of the main factor which contribute to its capacity.


The communication between two parties whether they are machine or human being always needs a common language.The language used in the communication of computer instructions is known as the programming language. Three levels of programming languages are available. They are:

1. Machine Language(Low Level Language) 2. Assembly(or symbolic) language and 3. High level language


Instruction stored in binary form,which a computer can process

Software Applications

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'Microsoft Word is a complex program. A paragraph indent or character font that looks the same could have been created in at least half a dozen ways.'