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  • Part of then internal and web is that there are lots of different media out there to explorer.
  • Well the most basic medium is text. The next most common medium is various forms of picture.Beyond that media available on internet include sound, movie clip, animation and even more elaborate formats containing. The basic media in all source of different way even the smallest picture file is bigger then most you find on internet. These bulky files can bring you are system of a processing a playback standstill unless you have a past connection a very powerful procedure and lots of free memory.
  • There are dozens of media format available but there are only a few that stand tell among a little guys struggling for the piece of the pie. At the top of heap Is real networks with there real system soft were that is very soul of expressive conversation, combining wide, adios and animation and doing so with aplomb all the wile closed behind is Microsoft media player which as of this within getting a measure over hall and to better fight with the big boys.
  • Last but by for not the least and carrying the owner of being the application and format that started it all is quick time. Apple brought quick time to streaming game late. But has made up for it by snagging some very big partners making available content quit entertaining.


  1. The biggest handicap to multimedia event develops. On the web have bandwidth limitation people connecting to net via modern just can’t be expected to wait along enough for huge media files to download. But is capacity of common times transmitting data back and forth between internet and your computer
  2. Another problem has been that most multimedia extensions to standard web format (HTML) have required that the user install a special thesis soft layer into web browser. In the past this meant taking a side – trip form site offering media content to website of manufactory of the plug in. any time some live a sit there some chance she will never come back, as the siren call of tangential sites alters her further and further sown original.


Audio recording offer in low bandwidth solution which can be streamed or download over the internet. By simply taking a microphone, plugging it into your computer, and using a basic audio program such as sound recorder, you can create a sound bit that can be used in a web page or on a CD- ROM which can help in hence almost any presentation


The appearance of text and graphics on a video display can be one of the most of powerful multimedia element, if it is used in the correct capacity. When used in moderation, video can improve any learning experienced by providing the learner with a detail visual description of the concept being taught. There are different types of uses for video. Instructional training video have become very common in education setting. These video are used as supplement to traditional text books and lecture.

Major Plug In

  1. Quick time: - it is the standard video format for Macintosh machines and is available for download for the other platforms.
  2. Windows media: - windows media format is the most common format for windows machine and is available for download for Macintosh user at windows
  3. Real media: - it is common played with the real player which is available for download at the real player is usually packaged with most web browser for all platforms but is often required to video these types of media.


Simulated movement of object using computer or video effect is on of the more exciting multimedia elements. Animation can illustrate almost any concept imaginable, with the only limitation being the creator skills. There are the verities of user for animation that can help illus treat extremely different concept form basic taps to extremely complex cartoons. Because it offer advanced animation including interaction at very small file sizes, flash movies can be offered via internet or packaged on a CO – ROM.

Delivery / Distribution

After the creation of multimedia content is complete, the content must be delivered to the audience. There are many different ways to accomplish this task. There are key factors to consider before making a decision on a particular delivery method. The most common delivery methods are: INTERNET OR WORLD WIDE WEB: is one of the most common methods of delivery in education. Most universities and school systems have their own high speed network or internet. With most educators having unlimited access to the web , this is often the preferred choice for delivery .Audio , streaming video and flash animations can be either linked directly to the website containing the multimedia or embedded in a web browse which can be viewed at anytime with only the limitations of various types of plug-in and /or bandwidth size .It is important to note the file sizes of certain multimedia because the download times even on a high speed connection could take minutes which is unacceptable.


CD-ROM is one of the most common types of delivery of multimedia. Often CD-ROM is the preferred choice for many software developers because of the amount of space available and the flexible delivery option that includes postal mailings. CD-Rom is an excellent choice for audio, compressed video and animations created with flash. When choosing the CD-Rom method of delivery, be sure that all extras are available for the user to install in case their system does not already have installed.


DVD-ROM is very similar to the DVD-ROM with the exception of the amount of storage that will fit on a single disc. DVDs offers the ability to put a any quality loss. DVD’s allow more interactivity within the menu than a CD-Rom which makes it a good choice for multimedia. At this time, DVD’s are limited to only video content, with all of the interactivity being a part of the menu.

Multimedia finds its application in various areas including, but not limited to, art, education, entertainment, engineering, medicine, mathematics, and scientific research. In education, multimedia is used to produce computer-based training courses and reference books like encyclopedias and almanacs. A CBT lets the users go through a series of presentations, text about a particular topic and associated illustrations in various information formats.


All students go through a transition period from childhood to adolescence. In most regions of Europe students actually transfer from a primary to secondary school. This tends to results in student changing from having just one often marked by a different style of teaching, which can result in a deceased rate of learning. A multimedia learning environment involves a number of components or elements in order to enable learning to take place. Hardware and software are only part of the requirement. Having the right type of equipment, including software, will not necessarily environment to enable learning to take place. The development of multimedia technologies could soon offer access to knowledge far superior than that of most subject teachers. This may result in teachers needing to develop new learning facilitation skills and reduce the emphasis on knowledge. The know –what. Teachers primarily require access to learning resources, which can support concept development by learners in a variety of ways in order to meet individual learning needs.