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Key points
In this subsection we will show you how to:
  1. include an a flash simulation which is already available for use in WikiEducator;
  2. upload a new .swf file from your personal computer.

Basic syntax

The most basic syntax for adding a flash simulation is:

<flash>file=Name of Flash File.swf|width=800|height=500</flash>

You insert this where you would like the simulation to appear.

Explanatory notes

  1. The syntax is contained within <flash> </flash> tags;
  2. Arguments are separated by a vertical bar |;
  3. You must substitute the word "Name of Flash File.swf", with the name of the file and its extension (the letters which appear after the full stop. For example, if you wanted to insert a Flash simulation called "Equation-grapher.swf", you could type the following:


Using an existing .swf file available on WikiEducator

We'll start with an image that is already available for use on WikiEducator.

Icon activity.jpg Activity
To demonstrate this, try editing your User page or Sandbox and adding an image that already exists in the wiki.
  • Navigate to the User page or Sandbox you created earlier in the tutorial.
  • Add the wiki syntax below to your page by clicking edit and entering this syntax into your page. (You can select the syntax here and copy it, and then paste it in your User page or Sandbox):

<flash>file=Equation-grapher.swf|width=40%|height=250|quality=best</flash> embeds the following:

You should get the following in your user page


Uploading a new .swf file on WikiEducator from your computer

The procedure for uploading a Flash file is the same as for uploading an image. If you need refresh your memory on how to upload an image visit the inserting images tutorial. Otherwise click on the upload link to get started. Once you have finished uploading your .swf file, you can add it to a wiki page by following the procedure outlined in the previous section.