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Tips and Tricks

  1. Typing in a username and password on the Login page will not work unless you have an account on WikiEducator.
  2. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive (JoeSmith and Joesmith are unique usernames).
  3. When creating an account you need to click on the create account link after visiting the Login page.
  4. If you have an account with Wikipedia, WikiNews, or any other MediaWiki installation, you will still need to create an account on WikiEducator to edit pages.
  5. After taking a break you will most likely be logged out of WikiEducator. Make sure you write down you username and password so you can log in again. Even better confirm your account by e-mail so you can be set a temporary password if you happen to forget your current one.

Basic Formatting



Bullet list

* item 1

* item 2

Numbered list

# item 1

# item 2