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Training Reports

Views of the participants on the training programme through OPEN VOICE - Summing up activity

Click on the name to type your views covering the following points:

  1. Give an overview of your experience in this online training.
  2. List three things that you liked best during this online training.
  3. List three things you disliked during this online training.
  4. List the content areas (if any) that you think need further discussion.
  5. List content areas (if any) that you think were missing in this online training.
  6. Your suggestions (if any) for future such online training.

Amita Anamika Anil Anirban Ankuran Bhanwar
Chetna Dilipsinh Ezhilrajan Letare Mamun Neetu
Prakash Rajendran Rajeev Singaravelu Umesh Ummed
Uttara Varma Sanjaya