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Give an overview of your experience in this online training

This is a great opportunity for us to be associated with this online training programme. We are also lucky to get Dr. Sanjay Mishra as facilitator in this programme. At the very beginning, I was a little bit confused and anxious. But in due course I was very much involved in this new ICT based programme. No doubt, this is the age of information technology and with the help of ICT we can reach the mass.This is first time that I have attended such type of innovative programme.

Give an overview of your experience in this online training
This is truly e-learning. Though we do not know each other, we have developed our community/ group through this training programme, At the end we are enriched with the wiki skill as well as technique of preparation of SLM. Earlier, I prepared some SLMs without such training. Now I can edit and prepare the SLMs for the learners of ODL keeping in mind the features of SLM. I am very happy and glad to be trainee of this online training programme.

List three things that you liked best during this online training.
i) Response to specific threads.
ii)Instant response from Online facilitator.
iii) Interactive learning process.

List three things you disliked during this online training
i) Invitation for attending seminar/ conferences.
ii) Number of drop-outs.
iii)Tremendous pressure to solve the tasks. (It is necessary to complete the workshop within time schedule.)

List content areas (if any) that you think were missing in this online training
Use of syntax need more practice.

Your suggestions (if any) for future such online training
This workshop is a part of the L4C project. To make the project a success, more workshop is required. The trainees of this programme may take initiative for such workshop, so that we can increase (by multiplier effect) the number of members of this community.