IGSLM Reports/Rajeev

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  • Give an overview of your experience in this online training.
    • This training is excellent. It gave us opportuinity to learn a lot.

  • List three things that you liked best during this online training.
    • Properly desgined lessons.
    • Continuous support from the Facilitator.
    • Objectives were fixed.

  • List three things you disliked during this online training.
    • Strange questions from some of the participants
    • None
    • None.

  • List the content areas (if any) that you think need further discussion.
    • None

  • List content areas (if any) that you think were missing in this online training.
    • None

  • Your suggestions (if any) for future such online training.
    • Trainining on "How to write SLM" should be in more detailed.