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Dear Dr Sanjaya,

1. This online training was an eye-opener for me. Infact I did not know that Wikieducator had so much potential to develop Self Learning Materials.It was a valuable training intervention and it was an enriching experience for me. I have gained pretty good experience in using the Wikieducator and hope to use it in future as well for spreading knowledge and information. It can act as an empowering tool.

2. The three things I liked best during this online training are:

(a) Spotaneity of response and feedback from the online facilitator i.e "YOU"
(b) Fabulous group interaction and
(c) Power of Wikieducator

3. Three things I disliked during this online training are:

(a) Breakdown of chat/discussion links
(b) Non-adherence to threads while replying
(c) Speed of tasks led to poor time management.

Otherwise there were harly any drawbacks in this training.

4. Content areas were satsfactory and i do not feel any further discussion is required. Some lessons could be made more simple and be finetuned.

5. I have not observed any such content areas which were missing here.

6. Overall it has been a wonderful experience .I hope you will give us more such opportunities in future to develop and improve our extant skills. May be you can have Part -II of this workship after a period of 6 months.

Thanks and congratulations for conducting such a wonderful workshop.

With Warm regards,

Anil Kumar Yadav

--Anilyadav 07:10, 23 September 2008 (UTC)