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Possible Services

  • Research to track employers’ labour needs and subject matter expertise training needs to address labour shortages, expectations, workplace culture and interventions and supports - for example, recruitment and engagement initiatives; and the development of training, coaching and mentoring materials and services.
  • Develop training materials on new tools and approaches; and support training to content creators on the new tool(s)
  • Determine the most effective formats and delivery mechanisms to deliver the training materials.
  • Obtain feedback (review and testing) by subject matter experts
  • Provide training to subject matter experts, and ensure continuous updating of training materials.
  • Incentives for hiring newly graduated post-secondary students from App Development, and for related courses of study, to offset some of the costs involved in training and mentoring new graduates who lack job-experience.
  • Support for internships to provide on-the-job training for emerging App development - subject matter experts - from education to the workplace.
  • Funding to encourage enrollment in retraining programs to help transition individuals from previous work to a career in Apps content creation.
  • Strategies for retaining workers
  • Facilitating access to foreign workers in Apps content creation, and easing the mechanisms for hiring them.
  • Matchmaking-mentoring programs to support collaboration between companies of different scales with varied capacities to enable intensified collaboration as well as mentoring.
  • training audits, identifying competencies, developing training resources and assessment tools, and implementing the training programs/systems.