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Background Info

  • using because of section editing (avoiding editing conflicts), and connecting with the OER ecosystem

Publication & Distribution Dates (6x per year)

The newsletter will be sent out according to key dates within the school year (re: below). This way we would not exhaust in-house resources, still address our growing community, and not over/underwhelm our audience.

(Comment.gif: Freeze content at least 7-10 days before distribution)

  1. September
  2. Pre-Holiday (November End)
  3. New Year
  4. March Break
  5. End of School
  6. Summer Edition

This may also be found on the G: under projects-fitesd-communications-newsletter – Dates of production.

  • Other Uses of Newsletter Content
  • outgoing communications - letter, ICTC website, education blog, recruitment / update letters; FIT newsletters

Analyze Metrics (5-7 days after distribution)

  • opens, clicks
  • Google Analytics

Current Issue

Future Issue(s)

Past Issues

  • coming soon