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Education Blog

Welcome and Project Description

  • A blog about Innovative Practices in Digital Literacy.
  • We are in need of a "Name" for our Education blog.


  • To engage educators and thought leaders to address gaps and share innovative practices in digital literacy

Themes, Streams & Topics

  • topic 1
  • topic 2
  • topic 3

Note on Posting Site and Project Site

  • We will be using this site on WikiEducator to "Manage" the Series, maintain the schedule, provide instruction, etc.
  • We will be using a separate blog site (yet to be named) as the place were we will publish our postings, make comments, and dialog with each other.

Suggested / Proposed Contributors

Publishing Schedule

DATE: 1 Q 2013

TOPIC: Innovative Digital Literacy Practices in Gr. 11-12 Education. Access and mastery of digital IT skills is rapidly gaining momentum and taking shape. Is this the new transferable skill? Is it applicable to what a college education might be? Is it the 'new normal'? What are exciting practices that are gaining ground with young people. Is this real, or a flash in the pan?


Thank you to Ken Udas, formerly Executive Director, Penn State University, World Campus and CEO, UMass Online, for creating the blog planning and delivery template. See: Penn State, Terra Incognita, Blog Publishing Schedule