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Prospective participants are invited to add their names to the list below. Attendance is will be limited by the available space of the venue, that is 30 confirmed participants. Places will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • You can register directly on the wiki by
    • First creating an account on WikiEducator and
    • Click on the edit link and signing your name under the confirmed participants list below using four tildes (~~~~) and let us have your email address so we can keep you posted on planning for the event (you can also type your name after the "#" sign). Remember to click on the save button on the bottom of your editing window.
  • Or send an email to Wayne Mackintosh with your name and institutional affiliation. We'll update this list on the wiki.

Participant List

Confirmed participants (restricted to the first 30 participants)

  1. Wayne Mackintosh 03:19, 18 July 2009 (UTC), OER Foundation, Otago Polytechnic, email: mackintosh dot wayne at gmail dot com
  2. Jane Hornibrook, Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand, email
  3. Paul Seiler, Ministry of Education
  4. Ian Munro, Ministry of Education
  5. Andrew Higgins, AUT University email
  6. Stephanie Pietkiewicz, Council for the Humanities and Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand, email
  7. Mark Horgan (Part of the day), Ministry of Education.
  8. Trevor Storr Director of eLearning, Aorakinet,email
  9. Ed Strafford, Ministry of Education email
  10. Jenny McDonald, National Library, email
  11. Mark Brown, Massey University, email
  12. Susan Pretorius, The Correspondence School, email
  13. Viv Hall Viv Hall, Editure, email
  14. Peter Cooke, PPTA, email
  15. Tj 23:25, 22 July 2009, The Correspondence School, email
  16. Andy Neale, DigitalNZ, email
  17. Richard Wyles, Flexible Learning Network, email
  18. Victoria Spagnolo, New Zealand Playcentre Federation (apologies, will arrive after lunch) email
  19. Robyn Smits, Ministry of Education (Part of the day), email
  20. Geraldine Howell, National Library, email
  21. Peter Rutland, Open Polytechnic, email
  22. Doug Standring, Open Polytechnic, email
  23. Dorit Hahn, Open Polytechnic, email
  24. Pip Fowler, Open Polytechnic, email
  25. Piers Harding, Catalyst, email
  26. Anne Morgan, National Library, email
  27. Emerson Vandy, National Library, email
  28. David Mullin, Catalyst IT, email

Vision statements

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How to upload your personal vision statement, or minddump on OER futures for New Zealand:
  • Make sure that you have created an account on WikiEducator and have logged in.
  • Copy the following syntax: *[[/Firstname Surname/]]
  • Click on the edit tab above
  • Insert the syntax you copied above i.e. (*[[/Firstname Surname/]])
  • Click on the save button which you will find below the edit window
  • Click on the red link displaying your name
  • Add your ideas and save!