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Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg

To be completed during the Wellington Think Tank .....

Concerns / Issues / Questions

  • Will OER generate corporate interest in polishing peer quality education materials?
  • Will all users want the same OER?
  • To what extent is OER driven by student needs?
  • Can WE be more user friendly?
  • To what extent can students be included in the generation of OER?
  • To what extent will the growth of OER make it challenging for teachers to select OER? {Paradox of Success} - Community is important
  • What kind of learning design tools are required to support the design of OER?

{student workload etc}

  • What problem is OER is solving for us; leadership, Board, institution, teachers, students?
  • Explaining the legal frameworks in which they, the teachers/developers of OER, can operate?
  • Develop a common language and advocacy and explanation of CClicensing
  • Is there a tipping point in the range of CC permissions/licences?

{add links here}

  • Relationship between copyright law and employment contracts
  • What role does OER play in generating and/or solving future problems?
  • What new problems does OER invite us to create? {one problem it creates is exclusivity vs abundance}
  • To what extent does OER get hijacked as a brand?
  • Multiplicity of sources solving the same problem {open source movement}
  • Communication between developers working on similar problems
  • How does OER work more effectively with existing communities?
  • How do we satisfy early adopters who want to use OER with low inventory?
  • How do you turn consumers into donaters?
  • How do we identify the people we want to shoulder tap?
  • How do we ensure quality with the early exemplars?
  • What is the OER maturation model? {car model}
  • How do we know about the gaps? {analysis of search queries, mapping of the curriculum}
  • What are the opportunities to redesign the curriculum {not big C Curriculum} through OER?
  • How should OER support and promote interoperability/portability?
  • Teacher uncertainties re infringement of copyright {sharing existing materials}
  • How can OER avoid the public perception or poor quality / being second rate?
  • How can OER leverage its visibly iterative to inform pedalogical understanding?
  • How can OER and technology support and improve teaching?
  • How can OER and technology support and improve learning outcomes?
  • How does OER support professional development in creation and use of OER?
  • How can OER support and help the mission of CC?
  • What are the implementation and/or opportunity costs/benefits of OER?
  • What is the relationship and/or role between OER and different modes of delivery? {e-learning/distance learning}
  • How does OER champion communities causes and perceptions of whose quality?
  • How can teachers be enabled through OER to whatever we decide we want teachers to do?
  • How does OER mitigate against the reusable paradox?

What should we do and how will we do it?

  • List potential resource sources {in kind/cash}
    • AKO Aotearoa
    • ENSI {teacher education}
    • Negotiate release of all rights reserved material under CC licences, eg eCDF Projects, TKI
    • NZ subject associations
    • Law faculties at TEIs
    • Publishers
    • Learning Media
    • Promoting OER as a research topic
    • Correspondence School materials {explore to be released under free content licenses suggest by the lovely Wayne with the beautiful accent.}
    • Corporate Sponsorships {Corporate Citizenship}
  • Mobilizing research students in teacher education
  • OER donations in lieu of free services
  • Cluster and categorize and prioritize the questions, including questions from HeyWire8 1
  • Monitor developments and thinking around relicensing and reuse of public sector information
  • Monitor developments in the open data space
  • Run Open Everything events in NZ
  • Run a WE session at DEANZ, April 2010
  • Support in identifying OER Ambassadors at NZ institutions
  • Ask professional staff organizations to what extent they can potentially support OER
  • Conzul, CAUDIT,
  • Letter to Gordon - ACODE
  • Letter to DEANZ
  • Letter to ALTC {Australian Learning and Teaching Council}
  • Collaborate with CCLearn and DiscoverEd
  • Model, support, training for Adult education community (Playcentres, early childhood education, local government models, world vision)?
  • High profile advocacy role
  • List of tasks / option to assign, volunteer names, perform by date.
  • install - dotproject

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