HIVAIDS/Issues for Women and Children

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Issues for Women and Children

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In this topic, issues for women and children are outlined from different perspectives. Issues for women and children are unique and require specialist consideration.

To Do

1. Access the presentation: HIV/AIDS Issues for Children and Women.

2. View three films on a DVD (Call Number - 087837): If you do a search using any of the titles they will show in the catalogue record at the Bill Robertson library. As a distance student you can request a copy of the DVD containing the three films to be sent.

i. Valley of life or death;
ii. Positive and pregnant;
iii. The Hunt for the AIDS vaccine.

3. Watch part of a film called - All the Invisible Children - from an Italian film festival. The film consists of seven short films from all over the world about childhood and exploitation. One of the films - Blanca - is incredibly powerful and about a young girl in Brooklyn NY with drug addicted parents. It touches on concepts such as discrimination, stigma and ignorance, medication, transmission, fear, drugs, psychological effects, effect on children and relationships.

There are two parts to the Blanca film and links to them are listed below. You will need to be patient while the film streams in - once the play button appears, click it, then click the pause button until the red line has moved right across the bottom of the film screen. This will stop it stopping and starting and give you a smoother viewing.


Blanca Part One.


Blanca Part Two.