HIVAIDS/Health Promotion and Prevention of HIV

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Health Promotion and Prevention of HIV

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Objectives and Activities

Participants will evaluate standard precautions in their area of work. Guest speaker, Alison Stewart-Pieres from the Sexual Health Clinic, will discuss the prevention of HIV. Also supportive self-care practices for health professionals involved in the care of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA – persons living with HIV/AIDS) will be discussed. A review of healthy nutrition and the issues for PLWHA will be covered. Participants will familiarize themselves with correct condom application procedures.

To do

  • You may also wish to look at some of the notes taken during the presentation.
  • Read the review about nutrition.
  • View the animated diagram about correct condom application procedures. This is from a series on health information provided by the University of Wisconsin Hospital, Madison, USA.
  • Listen to the presentation about self-care; this is particularly for nurses and has some ideas for taking care of yourself.
  • Note: Once the presentation opens you can click an icon at the bottom right of the slide to make it play in full screen.
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