Gaining Foundation Skills for Learning and Teaching/GFS Assessment Introduction Module

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GFS Assessment Introduction Module

The linked pdf copy of the PowerPoint presentation Assessment Introduction, is designed as a study guide revisiting material that was covered in the GFS workshop.

Key Points

Assorted Assessments developed using Wordle

Consider how your assessment links to and evaluates your learning outcomes

Assessment should always be:

  • Fair
  • Valid
  • Reliable

When planning an assessment think about:

  • Why – purpose – consider the learning outcomes
  • What – is being assessed – the expectations
  • Who – is being assessed, appropriateness of method
  • Where – context in which the assessment is occurring
  • When – timing of the assessment
  • How – the method and process

Resources from the PowerPoint study guide

These are the links that wouldn't work for you in the pdf version.

Wordle image of Assorted Assessments See how many you are familiar with.

Some assessment definitions

Additional Resources

The fundamentals of effective assessment provides insight into 12 valuable principles of assessment. From the Centre for the Study of Higher Education at Melbourne University.

Glossary of Useful Terms provides a larger range of assessment definitions from SABES (System for Adult Basic Education Support) Massachusetts Department of Education.