Gaining Foundation Skills for Learning and Teaching/GFS Assessment Activities and Criteria

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To pass the formal course: Participants must - undertake and successfully complete all assessment activities.

There are two assessment activities. An online activity that involves ongoing participation in a discussion board on learning and teaching and one written assessment exploring teaching practice. These collectively cover all learning outcomes.

Due Dates

Due dates are negotiated when setting your own timeline for the course.

Learning and Teaching Discussions – complete by the end of module 6
Teaching Practice Self Evaluation – due on the negotiated date

Assessment Activities and Criteria

1. Learning and Teaching Discussions


Participate in the online discussions on the Gaining Foundation Skills Moodle site sharing your thoughts and experiences related to each of the six main modules explored.


One posting for each module (six in total) must meet the following assessment criteria:

Marking criteria

Achievement of the following criteria will result in a successful pass for this assessment:

The postings must:
  • relate to your own teaching context
  • include an example

Due Date: confirmed date of end of module 6 to be negotiated with course facilitator.

2. Teaching Practice Self Evaluation

NB: if undertaking the Learner Centred Learning course concurrently with this please see Heather for an alternative assessment to this one that combines with an assessment in the LCL course.

Submit a written evaluation of a teaching session you have facilitated. Include a copy of your lesson plan and the written feedback from the observer – see the process outlined below. (Word count guide = 800 to 1200 words)


    1. Plan and facilitate a learning session

    2. Have an observer present during this session. The observer will be required to give you written feedback on this session. (Full guidelines for the observer will be available)


    3. Write an evaluation of your facilitation of this session and include comment on the feedback from your observer. The evaluation must include comment on the:

  • Context (who, where, when)
  • Planning
  • Evaluation of your own practice – what you did and why
  • Observer’s feedback and your thoughts on this
  • What you would continue to do and ways of improving your practice

Marking criteria

Achievement of the following criteria will result in a successful pass for this assessment:

  • Description of the learning session including context
  • Acknowledgement of how learner diversity was considered
  • Evaluation of your teaching practice
  • Comment on the observer’s feedback
  • Identification of what you would continue to do and what you would change
  • Your discussion is supported with some literature sources
  • Word processed with specific and consistent referencing (preferably APA style)
  • Material well structured and presented
  • A clear session plan included
  • Written feedback from observer included

Due Date: Assessment to be submitted on a negotiated date

                                                             Submit by email to the Course Facilitator

Grading: There are 2 grades only in this course: passed or not passed


The final assessment requires you to include references to some of the extra material you have been reading.

The following links take you to some useful resources to help with referencing.

Citation Machine is a great website that takes you through all the steps of adding the information required for a reference then produces the formatted reference for you. You can then cut and paste it into your document. Very handy.

APA Referencing Guide is a great website that clearly describes all the information you would need to produce APA references. I'd particularly recommend the sections on in-text citations and the reference list sections. Quick access buttons for these can be found at the bottom of the first web page.